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DOWNLOAD: Contracting Business Confidential Employee Satisfaction SurveyDOWNLOAD: Contracting Business Confidential Employee Satisfaction Survey.
You want the truth? If you are like many contractors, you can't handle the truth. Why is it that we have such a hard time attracting new employees to work for us yet it never seems to occur to us to ask the very people that could shed light on the problem. Many contractors just suffer in stoic silence as they lose potentially great, profitable employees. Use this confidential survey to find out what is really going on.
DOWNLOAD: Contracting Business Simple Hourly Flat Rate CalculatorDOWNLOAD: Contracting Business Simple Hourly Flat Rate Calculator.
Use this sheet to calculate your flat rate billable hour amount. This is an excel spreadsheet with two pages. One page is for you to review your overhead calculations by going through your financial profit and loss statement and entering the numbers in to make sure that you have covered any expenses that may have been missed and the first sheet is the actual calculator for you to project an hourly flat rate billable hour price
VIDEO: Contractor Sales Training - Immune To The Word NoVIDEO: Contractor Sales Training - Immune To The Word No.
I have been very fortunate in my travels as a national HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical sales trainer to have some pretty brilliant students who achieve millions of dollars per year in high end sales results. One of the most common themes that run through these special over achievers is their immunity to the word "NO." When I ask them if there is one thing responsible for the success they have, they have all told me . . .
AUDIOS: "Amazing Tech Sales Turnaround" Teleseminar with Tony BeechamAUDIOS: "Amazing Tech Sales Turnaround" Teleseminar with Tony Beecham.
This teleconference is AN INSPIRATIONAL STORY featuring Tony Beecham, a service tech who worked hard, knew his products and treated his customers right, yet he struggled to meet his numbers on a monthly basis. Tony had over 20 years of experience but nonetheless had poor results that put his company in financial peril. . . 
ARTICLE: Choosing The Right Distributor AllianceARTICLE: Choosing The Right Distributor Alliance.
All in all, I think pricing is an over rated factor in choosing a distributor or manufacturer. Let's face it nobody knows more than a contractor that you get what you pay for. For the most part I think it is amazing that the prices between them are as close as they are. This article gives you some guidlines in choosing an alliance with vendors. . 
Shyness-A Habit That Hurts More Salespeople Than Smoking or DrinkingARTICLE: Shyness-A Habit That Hurts More Salespeople Than Smoking or Drinking.
80% of Americans are shy in at least in some situations, according to Dr. Phillip Zimbardo of Stanford University, who reported this finding in his book, SHYNESS. That makes shyness a more universal disability and a more vexing problem than excessive smoking or drinking. I've trained boisterous, burly 250 pound salesmen who have no trouble exuding confidence when closing deals face to face, but they break into a cold sweat when they're asked to get on the phone and make a few calls.

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