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Rescheduled: Winsupply Partners with Drone Express to Make History. 
For the first time in history, Winsupply will be offering drone delivery!
Due to inclement weather, Winsupply’s drone inaugural flight has been rescheduled to Friday, August 12.
On August 12 at 11 a.m., Winsupply, backed by Drone Express, will make its first-ever drone delivery of an exclusive NIBCO product from the Winsupply Distribution Center in Miamisburg, Ohio, to Centerville Winsupply.

ABMA Launches Boiler Efficiency Calculator.
The calculator assists boiler users and the boiler supply chain to better understand current operating costs and how changes in the boiler room can maximize safety, increase production, and reduce fuel and overall costs of operation.   Read full story >>
DiversiTech® Corp. Acquires Big Goose® HVAC Condensate Sensors.
The patented and patent-pending condensate float switches differ from other switches in the industry in that they feature a latching mechanism that prevents the unit from turning on after tripping until a technician addresses the reason for the condensate blockage.
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2022 Building Performance Analysis Conference To Focus on Better Buildings, Less Carbon.
The 2022 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild will bring attention to carbon reduction strategies through the application of simulation and modeling over the entire building life cycle. 
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2023 Trinity Warranty Scholarship for HVAC/R Students.
Trinity Warranty Solutions is proud to offer scholarship opportunities for individuals that are studying in trade schools or colleges to become HVAC Technicians & Refrigeration Technicians.  
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Featured Products
New Internet Control for HVAC Air Curtains.
Berner Adds BACnet® and Adaptive Settings to Berner AIR™ Controller/App for Air Curtains.
 more info

Quick and Easy HEPA Filtration for any Environment.
The IsoClean is designed to be a simple plug-in-play solution for facilities that want to provide HEPA filtration in any environment. The combination of a high number of air changes per hour and excellent filtration makes for one of the best mitigation tactics against airborne pathogens.  more info

Introducing the all-new AquaEdge® 19MV Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller with Magnetic Bearings.
Unconditional performance starts with an unbeatable compressor.   more info

Trane Introduces New Wellsphere™ Digital Indoor Environmental Quality Management Solutions for Smarter, Healthier Spaces.
Indoor air quality dashboard with real-time data and insights helps building owners monitor, manage and improve the health and efficiency of indoor spaces.  more info

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