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Viconics Electronics Inc.

For over 25 years, Viconics Electronics Inc has brought its expertise to the HVAC industry through thoughtful product innovations created based upon direct market feedback. Our products are designed for ease of installation, end customer use, and long product life.

Viconics found its humble beginnings manufacturing micro-controller based industrial process controllers in the mid 1980’s.

With the proliferation and growth of electric-electronic control systems, Viconics Inc. identified a market niche, and began development of pre-programmed, field-flexible stand-alone temperature controller with embedded PI (proportional-integral) control logic.

Since then, Viconics has grown its product lines to include unitary control products featuring BACnet®, Lontalk® and Wireless Zigbee® communication capabilities. Viconics continues to focus on the modernization of core humidity, electric heat in addition to an array of OEM specific product lines.

Viconics, headquartered in Montreal, Canada is an ISO9001:2008 certified company with a focus on continuous improvement to product quality, customer service and continuous innovation.

Viconics is also a ISO14001:2004 certified company, taking an environmental stewardship role and manufacturing products which provide energy savings opportunities all while exceeding many of today’s stringent worldwide standards.    

Other Product Features From Viconics. 

VWZS Wireless Communicating Zoning System



Viconics Electronics Inc.VT7600 Communicating &
 Non-Communicating Roof-top & Heat-pump Controller

These temperature controls are offered in four distinct variations: BACnet MS/TP, Echelon-Lontalk, Zigbee Wireless or Network Ready models. 
These temperature controls are offered in four distinct variations: BACnet MS/TP, Echelon-Lontalk, Zigbee Wireless or Network Ready models.

VT7600 Staging Controller Product Documentation

  BACnet Object PIC statement
  BACnet Integration Manual
  Echelon Integration Manual
  Cut Sheet

VT7600 Staging Controller Engineering Guide Specifications

The VT7600 series temperature controls have been specifically designed to control packaged and split staged heating/cooling equipment including heat pumps. The VT7600 series temperature controls are supplied pre-programmed to suit most used applications, and contain all required I/O hardware to accomplish remarkable control regardless of the application.

VT7600 offers exceptional value by packaging unique product features and required I/O into one simple to install device. These temperature controls are offered in four distinct variations: BACnet MS/TP, Echelon-Lontalk, Zigbee Wireless or Network Ready models. The communicating version(s) feature, aesthetics, and functionality consistent with their stand-alone counterparts however they offer the network access to internal functions often only associated with larger, more costly controllers.

The VT7600 series temperature controls have also been designed for ease of installation, wiring and commissioning in order to reduce overall project delivery costs. These costs are addressed with intuitive, unique features. Removable terminal blocks and hinged PCB board, facilitate the installation and wiring process. 

VT7600 Features Include:

Protocol agnostic approach allows use on virtually any system

One simple device to install, wire, and commission vs. traditional controller/sensor combination

Familiar “thermostat” look & feel

Simplified local configuration utility eliminates complicated programming

Unique economizer model

Local timed override NEW! 

Discharge air-sensing input. NEW!

Local digital inputs

LNS plug-in configuration utility available with Lontalk models free of charge

Simplified User interface

Hinged circuit board & removable terminal blocks to facilitate installation

Large, attractive backlit, LCD display


A local, intuitive, onboard menu driven configuration utility allows the installer to select appropriate pre-canned control settings to suit their application in addition to support local stand alone operation. Models equipped with Lontalk or BACnet MS/TP network functionality include network status LED’s and support tools to ease the integration process.

Viconics is an ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Certified Company
Viconics Technologies Inc.
9245 Langelier  Blvd. St-Leonard  Quebec I Canada  H1P 3K9
Tel.: (514) 321-5660  Fax: (514) 321-4150

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