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N05 and N10 Series Non-Spring Return, Low-Torque Direct Coupled Actuators.     

New Actuators Offer Numerous Features Including Industry-
Exclusive Mode Selector.

With an exclusive mode selector and compact design, you can use the new N05 and N10 Series to meet your direct coupled actuator needs in both new construction and retro fit applications. Available in eight models with an industry-exclusive mode selector that allows one model to operate in many different applications, N05 and N10 Series non-spring return, low-torque direct coupled actuators easily replace more than 30 past models, greatly reducing your inventory. The new compact design and accessible declutch feature make installation easier, and the wiring access cover saves even more installation time by eliminating the need for a conduit junction box. In short, whether you ’re replacing older models or specifying direct coupled actuators for a new project,Honeywell N05 and N10 Series actuators are exactly what you need.

Non-Spring Return, Low Torque Direct Coupled Actuators. 

  • Mode Selector
    A Honeywell exclusive, the unique mode selector allows one
    model to operate in many different applications with the simple
    turn of a dial, simplifying selection, offering versatility in the
    field and reducing required inventory.
  • Higher Torque Levels
    It ’s a low-torque actuator, but still offers higher torque than
    previous Honeywell and competitive models so you don ’t
    have to buy larger or multiple actuators for use on larger
    dampers. Torque is 44 in-lb (5Nm)for the N05 Series and
    88 in-lb (10Nm)for the N10 Series.
  • Fewer Models, More Solutions
    The mode selector switch combines common control signals
    into one model rather than having separate models for every
    control signal.
  • Wiring Access Cover
    Covers wiring terminals and provides a conduit connection
    that eliminates the need to use a conduit junction box,
    greatly reducing installation time and material.
  • Honeywell Standard Wiring
    Saves you time by wiring exactly the same as all other
    Honeywell actuators — once you can wire one, you can
    wire them all.
  • Easy Declutch Access
    Easily accessible from the front of the actuator to make
    manual operation simple.

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