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V8043 5000 Series Zone Valves

The ultimate in Zone Valve technology and reliability.
When it comes to top quality, Honeywell's new 5000 series Zone  Valves truly are "in the zone" Among the many unique features is a patented ball seal design that provides a new sealing surface each time the valve closes, dramatically extending life expectancy of the valve (and dramatically reducing maintenance time).

Add in the easy installation, "Slow-Close Technology" motor and "Quick Fit" pushbutton actuator, and the bottom line is that the 5000 Series Zone Valves are a contractor's dream.

  • Tests show 5000 Series Valves last twice as long as traditional
    competitive zone valves.
  • Wide range of popular models and valve body styles available.
  • In the event of a service call, the valve seal and ball plug are easily accessed for "in-situ" service (no cutting or refitting required)
  • Style selection is easy for contractors familiar with the V8043 1000 Series.  Just replace the "1" with a "5" when ordering.  For example, if you'd use a V8043E1012, just order a V8043E5012 to get the premium 5000 Series. 
  • Manual opener (on all models, except straight-through, normally open valves) for valve operation on power failure; valve returns to automatic position when power is restored.
  • All models may be installed without disassembling the valve.
  • Compact construction for easy installation.
  • Complete powerhead may be removed or replaced without breaking line connections or draining the system.
  • Actuator motor may be replaced without removing the valve body or draining the system.
  • Chilled water models available for cooling and heating applications.

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