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Nortek Global HVAC Launches New Reznor Light Commercial Rooftop Units.
New rooftop units appeal to new construction.

Nortek Global HVAC introduces a new line of highly configurable Reznor® light commercial packaged rooftops. They are available in 6, 7.5 and 10 tons.

These rooftop units can be configured at the factory, so consultant engineers or design-build contractors can get the exact spec unit they need delivered to the job site. With over 35 options per tonnage size, there are over 750,000 unit configurations available. Having the units built to spec at the factory increases product quality while lowering installation labor costs. A quick-ship option is available out of the factory in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

“We created our rooftop products with flexibility in mind,” says Dave Garvin, product manager at Nortek Global HVAC. “We have spec driven options and features for engineers, building owners and facility managers who rely on our Reznor brand.”

Specific components are factory-installed using Nortek Global HVAC Demand Flow Technology (DFT), the most advanced and flexible quality-control manufacturing process in the industry. To ensure accuracy, each unit is bar-code verified to the bill-of-material components as it rolls down the line. Foam panel construction and hinged panel doors are standard. The one-inch foam panel wall construction ensures indoor air quality is fiberglass-free, which inhibits mold growth. Panel walls are easy to clean and provide a super high R-value. High-quality hinges eliminate screws on the roof and keep the access doors in place, even in high wind conditions.

“We believe the construction quality is what makes these rooftop units a real game changer,” adds Garvin. “The many improvements we’ve made for this product line stand to make a major impact for our customers.”

At 12.7 IEER, the units meet federal minimum efficiency standards for 2018, which puts them one year ahead of many units on the market.

For more information about innovative Nortek Global HVAC products, engineers, contractors and distributors should visit nortekhvac.com.
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