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Get Cozy With Advanced Simplicity

90 Series Blue.  The Touch Screen
thermostat with a very bright future.

The bright thinking behind BLUE
Introducing the new color of innovation from White-Rodgers

White-Rodgers has set a new industry benchmark with the 90 Series blue Touch screen.  "Blue" advanced technology not only delivers all the best features, it's designed to be easy-to-view, easy- to-understand and easy-to-operate. 

Simple and logical installer menu set-up, programming and operation is enhanced by audio prompting that confirms touch screen entries.  features like variable touch screen security to prevent tampering, temporary and vacation overrides, and filter change reminders add convenience.  Our +/-1 temperature accuracy will keep your customers comfortable and protect their HVAC systems.

90 Series blue touch screen thermostat is the result of smart, innovative thinking. Install 90 Series Blue with confidence because it's exclusively for the professional trade. 

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