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Honeywell ZonePRO™ Modulating Thermostats.

Honeywell ZonePRO™ floating and analog thermostats are designed for control of valve or damper actuators, offering a cost-effective substitute to expensive networked zoning systems.

 ZonePRO_Green Override Display

This type of thermostat is typically used in pressure-dependent variable air volume (VAV) applications, such as airport terminals or large office buildings with many zones, but can be used in any application that requires floating or analog control of an actuator. ZonePRO thermostats have a sleek, modern design — ideal for those customers looking to upgrade the appearance and functionality of their older zoning systems.


Four Models To Meet All Your Zoning Needs

There are four ZonePRO models, two for floating control and two for analog control. Each offers similar core functionality; however, the “B” models have an additional modulating output and triac output (a triac is a digital on/off output similar to a relay, but there’s no noise when it opens or closes).

TB6980A1007 - Floating output

TB6980B1006 - Floating output plus an additional analog and and triac output

TB7980A1006 - Analog output

TB7980B1005 - Analog output plus an additional analog and triac output

R841 - Family of electromechanical relays

50014156-002 - Remote room sensor

50014157-001 - Duct temperature sensor

209651A - Cover wall plate


Easy Installation

For zoning control in retrofit applications, ZonePRO thermostats are the perfect choice.

ZonePRO thermostats are easy to install and feature a configuration code that’s a snap to program.

Energy Savings

As a cost-effective alternative to DDC systems, the ZonePRO provides digital accuracy with energy-saving features, helping to reduce costs even more. 


Night Setback Input — Though this thermostat is non-programmable, there is an input on the thermostat that will set the thermostat to an energy-saving setpoint when an external time clock or occupancy sensor is activated.

Range Stop Temperature Limits — The user can set a maximum heating and minimum cooling setpoint.• Timed Occupancy Override — When the user enters the building after hours and wants to adjust the room temperature, he simply hits 

Timed Occupancy Override and that will bring the space to a comfortable temperature. The thermostat will automatically return to its energy-saving setpoint after two hours.

Output Position Graph — Helps the installer know that the actuator is working properly.

Numerous Applications

ZonePRO thermostats are a cost-effective solution for a variety of applications. The ZonePRO has additional analog and triac outputs which allow you to control several types of applications.

Zone Applications  
     Pressure-dependent VAV systems 
     • Cooling-only VVT zone with reheat 
     • Hydronic hot/cold water valve

 Reheat Applications
     • Radiant panel heaters
     • Cabinet heaters
     • Fin-Tube radiators 

Air Handler 
     • Automatic changeover 
     • Discharge air 
     • Limited cooling 
     • Fresh air control 

Download Literature:  ZonePRO™ Installation Instructions & User Guide

                                ZonePRO™ Brochure   Thermostat Guide Specification


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